These vibrant and exceptional set of girls:
Miss Sams – 19
Reash -19
Lo – 19

Make the group My Girls. With aspirations, Certainly to take on the mantel of the British Destiny’s child.

An obvious cliché but true. Based on there image and vocal talent. Inspirations from Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Destiny’s Child, and Aaliyah.

All the girls have exceptional performing arts experience from school and are aspiring to fulfil there dreams within the music industry as they are the Genuine Thang!

Production and grooming by:
E Love PD
.in London
Additional work by:
New Horizon Production in Washington,
John Gordon Productions in Merryland.

Ensured my Girls are destined to be a huge hit in 2003!


To Hear some mp3 samples click below:

"My Girl"

"You Decide"

"Feels Like"


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